Dakshina Moorthy Sangeetha Mandapam

grateful pets monroe rd As you turn left you can see this venue for music & dance performance.

This is the one and only music mandapam dedicated to the legendary music maestro  V.Dakshina Moorthy Swami who also served the world of Carnatic music and Kerala film light music for 70 years. He was a devotee of Lord Vaikathappan and Lord Vishnumaya of Devasthanam.  The Devasthanam, therefore honoured the great devotee with a music mandapam during his very life time.

The foundation stone was laid by Ganagandharvan  Dr.  K.J.Yesudas an accomplished disciple of Swami and Akkitham the great Malayalam poet. The first Dakshina Moorthy Music Festival was held in 2013 August in  the presence of Dakshinamoorthy Swami himself. Every year, during Thiruvellattu, dance performances are presented in the presence of Lord Vishnumaya. Dakshina Moorthy Music Festival is held here as part of Thiruvellattu festival in which hundreds of musicians partake.

On Pournamy & Amavasi days, Kathakali is staged here as a grand finale of Saktheya pooja.