Peringottukara Devasthanam Dakshinamurthy Sangeetholsavam

weedlife network Peringottukara Devasthanam Sangeetholsavam is one of the most significant music festivals in South India that can be ranked on par with Thyagaraja Sangeetholsavam in Tamil Nadu and Chembai Sangeetholsavam at Guruvayur. Dakshinamoorthy festival of music and dance has a unique importance and relevance as it was initiated by the music maestro Dakshinamoorthy himself, along with his better-half during their 65th wedding anniversary which was memorably celebrated at the Devasthanam. Dakshinamoorthy Swami, the veteran music maestro of carnatic music and malayalam film songs has been a regular visitor at the Devasthanam to pay obeisance to Lord Vishnumaya. Being a satvika incarnation, his presence turned out to be graceful on various occasions. During one such visit, the Devasthanam authorities decided to honour him with a befitting present. This was realized with the blessings of Vishnumaya in the form of ‘Dakshina Moorthy Sangeetha Mandapam’ at Devasthanam, which was erected when the legendary DakshinaMoorthy Swami was active in the world of music.

speed definition fitness The Dakshina Moorthy Sangeetha Mandapam at Devasthanam was launched in the presence of the Ganagandharvan Dr. K.J Yesudas and the famous poet Akkitham in the yester decade. Today, this is a prestigious venue for staging temple arts and puranic narrations like Devi Bhagavatham, Narayaneeyam and Bhagavatham. It is in this very sacred place that Vishnumaya Mahatmyam Kathakali is staged during Pournamy and Amavasi days.

The Dakshinamoorthy  Sangeetha Mandapam is situated at the south – east side of Devasthanam. The great soul, on whose name it has been built, devoted quality time here and made his  inspiring presence felt. As envisioned by him the ‘Devasthanam Dakshina Moorthy Sangeetholsavam’ began  with the vibrations of the  ‘Pancharatna Keerthanalapanam’  culminating to the mangalam rendering in which hundreds of music students and 50 professionals offered their ‘sangeetha dakshina‘ to the then-living music legend. Among them were the luminaries like, K G Jayan of Jayavijaya-, P.Suseela, K.S.Chitra, Mannur Rajakumaran Unni, Vijay Yesudas, Sarath, M.K Sankaran Nambudhiri, Pandit Ramesh Narayan, Anuradha Sreeram, M K Vamanan Namboothiri,Kavalam Sreekumar and Kavya Madhavan .

Lord Vishnumaya, through Devasthanam immortalises his great devotee during Thiravellattu celebration. ‘Dakshinamurthy Sangeetolsavam’ is the nanthi (Divine Beginning) of Thiravellattu. This year the unique festival will be held from 17-Jan-2015 to 25-Jan-2015. Those who wish to participate and seek the blessings of Lord Vishnumaya and the great devotee, Dakshinamoorthy Swamy, can register their names online.

You may apply with necessary details and ensure your unique chance to be a part of this festival of music.

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Unni Damodaran

Peringottukara Devasthanam